Monthly Prayer Topic


Discipline isn’t something we always eagerly embrace, yet we admire it in others.  Those in our lives who are disciplined are reliable, strong, capable, productive, successful.  They recognize the value of persistent labor to accomplish goals, and are always ready to encourage others in their progress.  The value of seeing what is right to do and then doing it, is priceless.  To be disciplined may initially seem to involve sacrifice, but as we go along, we see that what has been given up wasn’t benefitting us.  The satisfaction that has been gained by steady steps taken toward a goal fill our hearts with hope and the recognition that our worth is acknowledged.  Mary Baker Eddy makes an observation in this regard in Retrospection and Introspection.  She says, “Experience has taught me that the rules of Christian Science can be far more thoroughly and readily acquired by regularly settled and systematic workers, than by unsettled and spasmodic efforts.”  (Ret.  87:7-10)  During September, the Reading Room has chosen discipline as the topic for prayer.  We look forward to hearing the results of your prayer in this direction.