Monthly Prayer Topic


Slavery always begins with a mental capitulation. At some point one bows to a problem, accepts it, and lives out the sad consequences. This form of subservience takes many forms – addiction to drugs or indulgence of bad character traits, for instance, that culminate in a life of sorrow. On the obverse side, we rarely perceive that that the abuser is also enslaved. He has chosen to accept dominance to be his master, becoming the object of fear and loathing. Mrs. Eddy makes a remarkable observation in Science and Health, “Evil is sometimes a man's highest conception of right, until his grasp on good grows stronger. Then he loses pleasure in wickedness, and it becomes his torment.” SH 327:9-12) Whatever the form of slavery in evidence, whether it be self-imposed or inflicted by another, we must clearly see man’s goodness as a spiritual idea, governed by Love alone, to eradicate any lie that human weakness can lead to enslavement. For October, the Reading Room’s topic for study is eradicating slavery.