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  • Guilt
    There is a perception that some levels of wrongdoing are forgivable, while other crimes leave a permanent mark of guilt that can never be overcome. This crushing burden must be lifted in our collective thought. Great Bible characters, Moses and Paul, for instance, made remarkable changes in their lives to become the standard bearers of advancing spiritual thought. Moses killed an Egyptian as a young man, and Paul initially persecuted the Christians. They surely dealt with guilt over their past actions, yet God selected them as chosen vessels to carry forth His word to His people. With such examples of lives not only redeemed but illuminated with spiritual purpose, we too can recognize the change of heart in those who have made significant mistakes, and come to the realization of the Godliness they wish to express in their present experience. This is a challenging task to undertake, to see each person’s spiritual integrity, and remove our view of anyone as guilty and irredeemable. The Reading Room thanks you for exploring the redemption of guilt during this May.